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We wish you a warm welcome to Villa de La Tierra, a place where you will find peace within yourself, recharge , gain inspiration and grow. Work on yourself away from home under the Spanish sun, which is wonderful for mind and body even in the winter months.

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Reiki Treatment by Marco

Reiki simply consists of 2 words: REI and KI.

What does it mean: Universal Life Energy.

The story goes that Mikao Usui, a Japanese theologian, looked for evidence why people like Buddha and Jesus could help and heal people through the laying on of hands.For years he searched libraries and delved into ancient texts to uncover the evidence, until he came into contact with the Abbot from a nearby monastery.

He told him that in earlier days it was customary to fast and meditate when someone had a problem. They then retreated to the top of the nearby holy mountain. Not entirely harmless at that time. Usui didn't let this stop him and went to investigate.

When he arrived at the mountain top, he placed 21 stones in front of him, and then threw away 1 stone every day in order to have some sense of time. The days passed without him noticing anything, but on the morning of the 21st day he went into a deep transfusion and saw a beautiful white light.

In this light, patterns emerged, which he recognized from Buddha's writings and he immediately felt how he could translate and use them.

Since it was his last day on the mountain, he went back down to share his experience with the people.

He had almost reached the bottom when he stubbed his toe. Ouch. Naturally he put his hands around his toe and the pain disappeared.


A special experience. Later he found someone with a toothache, put his hands on it and the pain disappeared. Soon people were lining up in front of him to be helped, too many to handle alone.


He then taught people to treat themselves, who could then also help others, thus creating the method we now know as REIKI.


Dr. Mikao Usui died in March 1926, but his method lives on today.


Marco tells:


The story above shows a bit of history with the Reiki method.


A method that I came into contact with in the early 1990s. At that time I did not allow myself to take the course. Fear of failure? Struggling to spend money on myself? Who knows. In any case, it was not until February 2019 that I actually took the step to follow the Reiki training at ZoMa courses in Westervoort and obtained my first degree.


I am now a Reiki master.

People sometimes ask me:

what do you feel?


When I speak for myself, it is an extremely pleasant feeling for me and I experience tingling in my hands.


I know how to open my crown chakra and then invite the healing energy to help me. I literally feel a warm current going through my head, heart and arms to my hands


And then feel enormous gratitude that I can experience this.

If you choose to undergo a Reiki treatment with me, the first step will be a conversation in our Casita, with an explanation of what to expect, while enjoying a glass of tea and/or water.

I then invite you to lie down on the comfortable treatment table. This is allowed on your back. Nice music plays in the background. You can close your eyes, but you don't have to.

Then I start my opening ceremony, scan my own body for aches and pains and invite the Reiki energy.

Then the treatment starts. This takes approximately 1 hour.

I then know how to remove old patterns and blockages and free up energy channels.

Unlike colleagues, I keep my hands above the body, except for a few pressure points at the end of the session.

My experience is that I feel the energy better this way and experience more exchange of it.

After the treatment you will feel relaxed, while the Reiki energy continues to work in your body. It is therefore important that you walk barefoot afterwards or at home, preferably in the garden, but also on the balcony. This gives all parts that are allowed to flow off and that have been loosened, the opportunity to flow back to mother earth. In addition, it is important to drink plenty of water. This also ensures a natural discharge of everything that no longer serves you.

Some of my regular customers call me:

'the man with the "golden hands".

I had some trouble with that title, but I now know that they are right, my hands are now worth gold to me.

In addition to a treatment here at Villa de la Tierra, a distance treatment is also possible. I will then make contact with you via the morphogenetic field and will be able to help specific parts of the body with Reiki.

For many this sounds like a bridge too far, why? Is that possible? How does that work? And this, while we enjoy wireless internet on our phones en masse. Think of the morphogenetic field as a prehistoric internet and my Reiki energy as a text or WhatsApp message.

And trust me (and many customers) that it works.

This is my story about Reiki, do I do it from books, no, do I do it by feeling, double YES.

Contact me if you have been inspired by my story and make an appointment.

With love,
by Marco