About us

We wish you a warm welcome to Villa de La Tierra, a place where you will find peace within yourself, recharge , gain inspiration and grow. Work on yourself away from home under the Spanish sun, which is wonderful for mind and body even in the winter months.

Our story

At Villa de la Tierra we want to help you discover and follow your dreams. Just like we did with ours. This is our story.



Franc & Marco

We met each other during Gay Pride Amsterdam 2003 and soon after we were inseparable . Respect, being completely yourself, in connection and harmony, are just some of the key words that have kept our relationship so stable all these years.

 We are 55 and 56 years old and are grateful to have a wonderful family with 2 adult children and

4 grandchildren. A wealth!


Franc has worked in youth care for a large part of his working life and Marco has more than 30 years of experience as an interior design consultant.

We have chosen to drastically change our lives in order to live completely in balance . In balance with the earth (la Tierra) and with ourselves. Balance is therefore a key word for us . 

In addition, we have discovered that one of the most important laws of nature on earth is that of the law of attraction. Over the years we have started to use this law more and more consciously and are convinced that awareness of this law has brought us where we are now.

Our strength lies in creating  an environment in which you will quickly feel at home. 

In this environment we invite you to become a better version of yourself. Without charge.

We are both Reiki Masters and have many tools  at home to help you relieve stress during a relaxing stay and challenge you to develop towards a happier life .

We are consciously shaping our lives for our own growth and that of our guests. 

We enjoy working on our paradise every day. That gives us satisfaction, that gives us pleasure.

We look forward to meeting you


Education and training


Reiki Master                                          ZoMa courses

Holistic therapist training                ZoMa courses

Touch of Matrix therapist                 Touch of Matrix

Singing bowls course.                        Practice Anneke Vrijenhoek

AromaTouch Technique                   doTERRA


Reiki Master                                          ZoMa courses  

Singing bowls course.                        Practice Anneke Vrijenhoek

And we worked and are still working on it

our own inner healing



Our core values



Attention makes everything more beautiful. That is why we pay attention to ourselves, to the Villa, to the earth and attention to you.



We would like to be connected to ourselves, to nature/earth (la Tierra) and to you as a guest of Villa de la Tierra.



When you are our guest in your spare time, fun, joy and relaxation are our priority. It is a holiday after all.



We would like to inspire you with our story, with our vision. We love nothing more than planting seeds. It is not without reason that the Seed of Life is the logo of Villa de la Tierra.


We would like to give you a very pleasant stay. We are 100% committed to making you feel completely at home, at home with us and at home with yourself. With the diversity in our logo we do not want to exclude anyone.


With our last two core values ​​insight and consciousness we express our wish that the planted seeds will germinate (provide insight), you may fully blossom (renewed consciousness) and you will be an even happier person.