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Frequency Therapy

Activate your body's self-healing ability by nudging it with the right frequencies.

Discover Healy

Frequency therapy for everyone

Healy Villa de la Tierra

Experience what frequency therapy can do for you.

In just a few sessions you can already observe differences in your physical and / or mental complaints. So great to do if you are with us for a few days.


We use the Healy for this.

With a short effective analysis, the Healy flawlessly registers which frequencies you need at that moment. By then sending these frequencies to your body via the bracelets, adhesive electrode or ear clips, your body and mind will regain balance and your complaints will decrease.



The Healy is a small device with a powerful quantum sensor at its heart.

It is medically certified for complaints such as Fibromyalgia, Migraine, Chronic Pain, Depression, Skeletal Pain and Anxiety.


The Healy is the successor to the Timewaver, which has been used and recognized by the regular healthcare system for more than 15 years.


Magic or reality

We still think it is magic, but it is just real and based on the science of vibration, frequencies and energy.  


Future medicine will be the medicine of frequency

Quote Albert Einstein

This future is now

Everything on Earth is energy and vibrates at its own frequency.


The human body also consists of one vibrating mass of molecules with their atoms and the moving particles around them. This creates all kinds of different vibrations.


Each cell has its own frequency.


If all your cells vibrate in their own correct frequency then you are healthy.


The vibration can be disturbed for all kinds of reasons, causing the functioning of the cell to become unbalanced and acute or chronic diseases can develop.

Cell membrane voltage model.png

The health of a cell can be measured by the tension that the cell membrane has.


If this membrane has the correct voltage (cell vibrates at the correct frequency), the membrane opens and closes optimally to absorb nutrients and excrete waste.


If this is not optimal, the cell is out of balance and chronic or acute diseases develop.


Every cell in our body is a small metabolic factory. It converts the nutrients we consume into energy and then excretes the waste products (Metabolism).

This happens through the openings in the cell wall or your cell membrane. If this cell membrane is at the correct voltage, it will work optimally.


Healy ensures that this voltage is or can be optimal again by sending the correct frequencies. In this way a healthy balance is supported and cells that are out of balance can come back into balance.


The Healy principle is based on the theory of Becker and Nordenstrom. They discovered that many diseases and dysfunctions in the body are caused by an unnaturally lowered cell membrane tension.


Programs that help you feel fit, healthy and vital again.

With the Healy we have 120 programs with combinations of frequencies (144,000 frequencies have been mapped) that support the body in its functioning. This can be sent to the body by a microcurrent treatment or by applying vibrations to the field around the person.

Healy  Villa de la Tierra

Click here if you also want to discover the Healy in a frequency therapy session.


Microcurrent treatment should not be performed when metal foreign objects are in the treatment area, pacemakers or implanted defibrillators are present, bleeding, bleeding risk, or embolism is present


Treatments should not be performed on areas of the skin that have been treated with radiotherapy or have a sensory condition or if the user has a fever.

• Not suitable for pregnant women

• Not suitable for people with epilepsy

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Click here if you also want to have a Healy and enjoy the many benefits every day.

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