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Group retreat
Manifest your most beautiful life

  • Do you sometimes feel like a cue ball of life?

  • Do you want more control?

  • Do you want to consciously create your own life?

  • Do you want to be a happier person?



Friday October 7th - Monday October 10th 2022


  • Full weekend program to learn how to
    ​make the law of attraction work for you

  • Stay in a shared double room, 

  • All meals & drinks

  • 1-1 Touch of Matrix session


€ 595,=

Excl. flight & transfer

Small-scale weekend retreat with a maximum of 6 participants at Villa de la Tierra in a beautiful area near Valencia.

A lot of people live a comfortable life, in our western world everything is there for that.

But is a comfortable life really a happy life?
Is this the best life you can live?
Do you really feel satisfaction in what you are doing now?

To manifest your most beautiful life, awareness is the key.
If you are aware of how the manifestation process works, all this is within reach.

We have discovered that we have a major influence on our happiness and the closer we are to ourselves, the easier it becomes to shape our lives.

By being close to ourselves and feeling what we really want, we also feel what we are still blocking, so that we are not yet manifesting our most beautiful life. The moment this comes into our consciousness, we start working on it. Awareness is again the key word.

We have knowledge and tools in house with which we can live our best life.

Do you want that too?

Our mission is to live our most beautiful life and to contribute to a better world. A better world starts with ourselves. Awareness is the key word here.

Our awakening process is a wonderful journey, bringing us closer and closer to who we really are and what we really want in our lives; live our most beautiful life and contribute to a better world.

It is a journey in which we always dare to look at ourselves to learn from this.
In that learning process we become more and more aware of our inner state of being and what influence this has on our lives.

In this retreat we will work intensively together for 3 days.

Our program focuses on;
- Discoverwho you really are
- Discover what your most beautiful life looks like
- Providing knowledge and tools to be able to live your most beautiful life
- Clearing blockages

Book this risk-free retreat. If you are unable to attend the retreat due to corona measures,

you will receive a refund of your deposit or a voucher.

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