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Here you will find more information about your stay at Villa de la Tierra.

  Your room

  • Cleaning

  • Beds

  • Air circulation and refreshment

  • The diffuser

  • Your keychain

  • Shutters/screens

The Villa kitchen

  • Refrigerators

  • Coffee/tea service

  • Villabar

The swimmingpool

La Casita

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Other useful information

Our animals (follows later)

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Your room

We have done our best to make your room a wonderful place.

Of course, your room is thoroughly cleaned before your arrival. In addition, with Palo Santo we have energetically cleaned your room. This is a sacred type of wood that has been used by shamans for hundreds of years in purification and cleansing rituals, among other things.

Before your arrival we will also light a Himalayan salt stone lamp , which purifies the air through ionization.

Finally, we refresh your room by spreading our delicious Villageur through the diffuser.

Your room and bathroom will be cleaned every day and we will make your bed. For stays longer than 4 nights, there is a change of sheets.
If you want clean towels, you can leave your towels on the bathroom floor.

We have single beds that we can put together or separately. They are made with a nice quality hotel linen.
Do you want an extra pillow or blanket? We take care of it.
But even if we're not there for a while and you need something, feel free to get it from the wardrobe in the utility room.

Air circulation and refreshment:
An extractor has been installed in the bathroom. We ask you to use it while showering, so that the moisture can escape. This keeps the air atmosphere nice.

A fan with a light source hangs above your bed to cool down in the summer.
It is especially useful when you go to sleep to turn it on. Then you can let it run for 1-2 hours, after which it switches off automatically, so that you don't get too cold in the morning. We are happy to explain to you how this works.


The diffuser:
You will find a doTERRA diffuser in your room. After we have cleaned your room and before your arrival, we refresh it with our own Villageur. It is wonderfully fresh with scents from the immediate vicinity of the Vila. In the evening you can use the lavender in the diffuser to support your sleep.

Directions for use: Make sure the diffuser is filled with water up to the red dot. Add 1 drop of lavender. With the left button you choose how long you want the diffuser to burn. Use the right button to turn the lighting on or off.


Your keychain
Upon arrival, the key fob is on the outside of the door. The key fob contains a key to your room, a key to the second gate (just above the main entrance and a key to the gate on the private part above. This allows you to leave the premises in several places. If you want a second set of keys, then we are happy to provide it.


Your room is equipped with shutters and screens, so that you can darken your room and keep mosquitoes out

Your room


The kitchen

The kitchen is for all our guests. It is the heart of the Villa.

You can open all the cupboards and everything in the kitchen can be used, except the red crockery and the tea set of Franc's grandmother on the china cupboard. This is in the china cabinet for decoration and for special occasions. You can use the wine and champagne glasses.

Also take a look at the bottom of the cupboard; here you will find plates, bowls, a cheese fondue pan, oven dish, napkins and more.

Do you miss kitchen utensils or something else, let us know, we may have it upstairs in our private kitchen, such as oven dishes in all shapes and sizes. We are happy to give it to you to make your stay even better.

We are also happy to explain how the kitchen appliances, such as the oven, hob and dishwasher work.

We ask that you always leave the kitchen tidy and clean, so that it is also pleasant for others to use the kitchen.


The kitchen refrigerator is for general use.
Because several guests use the refrigerator at the same time, we have divided the refrigerator by means of stickers with the names of the rooms, so that each room has its own shelves and/or drawers.

In the utility room is a second refrigerator with the Villa Bar stock. If necessary, we have an extra refrigerator available. This is not turned on by default, but if you don't have enough space, we'll be happy to turn it on.


Coffee and tea
Tea is included, as is the coffee made with the percolator.

On the right shelf in the kitchen are coffee percolators of different sizes. Choose a size that fits the amount of coffee you want to brew. Fill the bottom with water up to the valve. Then put the filter in it and fill it completely with coffee from the coffee pot in the cupboard above the kettle. Close the percolator tightly and place it on the stove. When the coffee is in the pitcher (upper part), it is ready. Feel free to ask for help if you don't quite understand.


The use of bottled water for coffee and tea is free.

The water from the tap is not drinking water!


A surcharge applies for the luxury coffee of Dolce Gusto. You can fill in your Dolce Gusto cups on your room/villa list.


Villa Bar
As an extra service, we offer the Villabar, where we have all the necessities so that you can make your own breakfast. We also have pizzas in case you don't want to go out for diner or cook for yourself. Furthermore, the refrigerator is richly filled with cans of soda, beer and bottles of wine, jus and water.

You can write all the things you use on the Villabar list in the kitchen. At the end of your stay you pay us, preferably cash.

The Kitchen
Swimming pool

Swimming pool

Our lovely swimming pool is located on the lowest part of our site. It is a spacious pool where you can swim laps and cool off in the warmer months of the year. But also in autumn, winter and spring it is wonderful to hang out around the pool, when the sun is shining.

We ask that you do not take the gray-blue towels from the rooms to the pool, but use your own beach towel or a Chiquita beach towel from the cupboard in the utility room.


La Casita

La Casita is a lovely place. It is actually a workshop space, living room, treatment room and yoga room in one.
We can easily adapt the space to the activity of the moment.

Living room
In the colder winter period you can use it as a living room. There is a screen with Apple TV on which you can see the common Dutch channels. There is also a spacious dining table to enjoy a meal with several guests or to play a game.


Treatment tables
For example, if you book a singing bowl treatment or experience, we will adjust the space accordingly. We have wonderfully comfortable treatment tables for a Reiki or singing bowl treatment

Yoga classes
Take your yoga class indoors in bad weather

Meditation / moment for yourself
Use la Casita to take some time to yourself. Read a book or meditate

Do check before entering la Casita if it is available.

La Casita is also used for all kinds of workshops and treatment sessions.

La Casita


We offer a number of activities that can help you get closer to yourself, heal trauma, find a new balance or just relax.

  • Small group singing bowl experience

  • Individual singing bowl treatment

  • Reiki treatment

  • Touch of Matrix treatment

  • AromaTouch massage

  • Frequency therapy

  • Workshop Essential Oils

  • Paella workshop.

  • Ayurvedic massage.

  • Meditation

  • Online Yoga Classes

€ 75,= per session
€ 15,= per 15 minutes
€ 15,= per 15 minutes
€ 15,= per 15 minutes
€ 45,= per treatment
€25 per treatment
€ 15,= per person
Price on request
Price on request
For free
For free


More info about the various activities

o Singing bowl experience in a small group
You lie wonderfully on a treatment table in La Casita. Let yourself be pampered by the sounds of the collection of singing bowls that we have ready for you. The vibration will relax you completely. Blockages, both physical and emotional, can be touched and lifted.

In addition to the singing bowls, we also use other instruments such as:
a rainstick, gongs, a wind chime and a Shaman Drum, all of which have their own sounds and influence.

o Singing bowl treatment individual
We work much more on the body than with the singing bowl experience. As it were, you get a massage of the body by means of the vibrating singing bowls. An individual singing bowl treatment helps you to dissolve blockages on both a physical and emotional level. They are touched and lifted by the sounds. The tones penetrate deeply into your entire being.
A blessing for body and mind.

o Reiki treatment
Reiki is sometimes translated as universal energy. Reiki is a form of energy transfer. The healing energy works on a physical as well as a mental, emotional and spiritual level. During a Reiki treatment you lie comfortably on a treatment table. By means of different and certain hand positions, the universal energy is passed on to you through us. Both Marco and Franc are Reiki Masters.

o Touch of Matrix treatment
With Touch of Matrix we make contact with your True Self. All your experiences are stored in your subconscious and these determine how you feel now; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
Without digging deep and reliving the experiences that may have been less pleasant, we can clear blockages.
Simple and effective.

o AromaTouch massage
This massage technique is based on the AromaTouch® Technique which was developed by Dr. David Hill, D.C. to provide people with an invigorating experience with essential oils.
The AromaTouch® massage is performed with essential oils along with a gentle subtle touch along energy pathways and visceral contact points of the back and feet. The body's self-healing ability is enhanced by balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.
It is not a massage where the muscles are worked deeply. It's the touch and the oils that do the job

o Frequency therapy
All our treatments and activities are based on the fact that everything is energy, that everything has its own vibration or frequency. If something is out of balance, it means that what is out of balance is not vibrating at the right frequency. Frequency therapy is based on the principle of bioresonance. If the correct frequency is offered, an object will vibrate in its original frequency.
Example; If you have two tuning forks that have exactly the same tone (frequency), you can strike one and make the other vibrate with it.
By using the right frequency, we address the self-healing capacity of the body. The body (part) that is not functioning properly gets the chance to restore itself to its original frequency. This is very easy by using a Healy.
With this device we have 144,000 different frequencies available. Because the Healy performs its own measurement and adjusts its controlled frequency to this, you always get the right frequency

o Workshop Essential oils
Essential oils have a prominent place within Villa de la Tierra. You can play endlessly with scents and experience that it positively influences your mood. For example, the scent of lavender can bring you peace and relaxation, while citrus scents can make you cheerful and happy. Other oils work very grounding and/or bring you to yourself.
In this workshop you will experience this and you will learn how essential oils can support you in your daily health.


o Paella workshop.
Making traditional Valencian Paella under the guidance of Jesus. Suitable for larger groups. Please indicate well in advance due to availability Jesus.

o Ayurvedic massage.
In collaboration with Monica we offer this massage at Villa de la Tierra or at its location in Montserrat. Book this well in advance of your arrival to be sure of a spot. Her availability is limited.

o Meditation
We have installed Meditation Moments on the Villa iPad to help you meditate. Here you will find long and short guided meditations or just wonderful music to relax to.

o Online Yoga Classes
In collaboration with Yogasite in Breda, we offer approximately 30 online yoga classes per week. In La Casita there is a TV screen on a roller furniture so that you can also follow the yoga class outside.

Available online yoga classes: 

  • Yoga Flow

  • Pralaya Yoga

  • Aruna Yoga

  • Alignment Yoga

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Yin Yang Yoga

  • Yin Yoga

Ask for more details

Singing bowl small group
Singing bowl Individual
Reiki treatment
AromaTouch massage
Workshop doTerra
Paella workshop
Aurvedic massage
Arrive & departure

Arrival and departure

You are welcome from the first moment on the day of arrival. We will make sure that your room is ready by 3 p.m. at the latest.

On the day of departure you can stay with us until you leave. If we expect other guests that day, we will tell you what time you have to leave your room, but that is never before 12 noon



We recommend that you rent a car when you stay with us. We are 6 km from the nearest village with shops and restaurants.
There is also no public transport past the Villa.

Take this into account when deciding whether or not to rent a car.

In Picassent (6km) there is a metro station with a direct connection to Valencia.
You can easily park your car here.

If you do not want to rent a car, we can give you the telephone number of a taxi company in Picassent.


We can only provide occasional taxi rides if we have time for this. However, our car is not large and can accommodate up to 4 people (including driver) with little luggage.

For rides we charge the following prices (only if we have time for this).
Picassent metro station € 10,=
Airport € 35,=

Other useful information

We are happy to separate the waste and ask for your cooperation.

There are two bins on the shelf in the kitchen.
The red one is for everything that can go on the compost heap; Peel onions, garlic and potatoes, egg shells and coffee grounds.

In the green box you can store everything that is good for our animals; remains of bread, cutting waste from vegetables and fruit and cooked rice and potatoes.

Leftovers from prepared meals (except rice and potatoes) do not go to the animals and not to the compost heap. We do not feed our chickens meat.

In the utility room there is a crate for empty bottles and a box for paper and cardboard.

There are also two waste bins in the kitchen. One for plastic (including cans and packs) and one for all residual waste.

The water system
Our water system requires additional explanation. We are connected to the agricultural water network. The water that is supplied to us is pumped up from the ground and only purified by the earth. So no extra cleaning has been done and should therefore not be seen as drinking water.

We therefore advise you not to consume it.

We always have plenty of bottled water in stock in the Villabar in the utility room.

Villa de la Tierra is located in the outskirts and is therefore not connected to the sewerage network. This requires some attention.
We use a septic tank. A natural biological degradation process takes place here, provided we keep this tank in good condition. That is why we use as many ecological products as possible and it is necessary not to overload the tank with toilet paper.

We therefore ask you not to throw toilet paper in the toilet, but in the waste bin next to the toilet.

The water system
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