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We wish you a warm welcome to Villa de La Tierra, a place where you will find peace within yourself, recharge , gain inspiration and grow. Work on yourself away from home under the Spanish sun, which is wonderful for mind and body even in the winter months.

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Personal Retreat

Personal Retreat

Take your happiness into your own hands

3 nights in a double room 

  • 3 morning meditations

  • 2 coaching conversations

  • 2 Touch or Matrix treatments

  • Silent walk in nature around the Villa,

  • Guided singing bowl meditation or Reiki treatment


€ 695

excl. flight, transfer & meals


Think about where you are now

Knowing where you want to go 

Cleaning up your luggage

Gain insights 

Leaving the Villa a happier and lighter person

That's what we stand for.

In a personal retreat we work on your (unconscious) obstacles that currently hinder you from living the life you deeply  want to experience.

We identify these obstacles and help you remove them

A personal retreat consists of 3 nights in a double room, morning meditations, 2 coaching conversations,

2 Touch of Matrix treatments, a silent walk in nature around the Villa, a singing bowl or Reiki treatment and tools that help you maintain a positive atmosphere when you return home.

You will go home lighter and happier.


Marco & Franc Villa de la Tierra


You can expand this package  with frequency therapy, an AromaTouch massage, essential oils workshop & yoga classes.
You can also extend your stay and thus spread the parts over a longer period. This also creates space for a visit to Valencia, Lake Albufera or other trips that we can organize for you in collaboration with Nuestra Aventura.

Ask about the options and prices.

Your stay:

You will stay in a double room. If you book this retreat together with someone and share the room, you will both receive a €100 discount

You can prepare your own meals in the shared kitchen of the Villa or you can have a snack with us for a fee.

During a personal retreat other,

“non-retreat” guests are present.

  • Need me-time?

  • Do you want to charge?

  • Do you want to recover from physical, emotional or mental stress?

  • Do you want to take your happiness into your own hands?


Book this retreat  risk-free.

If you are unable to attend the retreat due to corona measures, you will receive your deposit back or a voucher.