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Outside Villa de la Tiera


If you are at Villa de la Tierra you will understand why we fell for this place and house, but if you look outside the Villa you will also understand why we have chosen this region of Spain to live.

Valencia is a wonderful city. Whether you walk through the old town with its idyllic squares and streets and beautiful buildings, the immensely delightful Turia park or the ultra-modern city of arts and sciences. Everywhere you experience the peace and the real Spanish life, with friendly people, delicious food, full terraces and conviviality.

But Valencia also has a wonderfully large beach without the tourist shops that you will find on the famous Costas. The beach is for everyone, you can see it and feel it.


But just outside the city is the Albufera nature reserve, with its miles of rice fields and the beautiful Lake Albufera, which is well worth a boat trip. This area is even doable by bike from Valencia if you make it a day trip. Of course you will eat the traditional paella here. This is because this is THE area where the paella originates.

Both Valencia and Lake Albufera can be seen from the Villa.

Would you like to further explore the countryside in the area?

How about waterfalls, a real underground river, caves, a reservoir and plenty of breathtaking views.


It is all within 1 hour drive from the Villa.

Whether you want to take a simple but spectacular walk or a tough hike in collaboration with colleague and friend Stefan, we are happy to organize it for you.

Take a look at the tours he organize; Nuestra Aventura

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