Be the conscious creator of your life

This retreat is only given in Dutch! In 2022 I will also offer it in English.



Friday 1 October - Monday 4 October 2021


€ 475,=

Includes stay in a shared double room, all meals and drinks and a 1-1 Touch or Matrix session.
Exclusive flight ticket and transfer.

Doesn't that sound great, wouldn't you want to?

That you consciously create your own life!

Everyone has heard of the law of attraction and some, like me, have read the Secret and tried to understand it and make it work for them.

When I first read the Secret sometime in 2008 I was very impressed and it seemed fantastic if what they wrote would be true. I remember that it was described that you had to hang a picture of your dream house, for example, and that it would then be possible that you would receive it.

At the time, the new Fiat 500 had just been released and I absolutely loved it. I bought a book about it, fantasized that the car would be mine and put up a picture of the car in the hope that I would wear this car. However, I was never allowed to own it.

Despite the fact that it did not seem to work, I could not let go of this law of nature and I kept looking for whether and how it works.

After years of study and research, I now dare to say firmly; this law applies always and everywhere. In my life but also in your life. In everyone's life.

We have become conscious creators of our lives and now live in a beautiful place in Spain. What are your deepest wishes?

I like to share the secrets and knowledge I have discovered with you, so that you too can become a conscious creator of your life.

The big difference you will experience is in the word conscious. At the moment you are already the creator of your life, even if you do not experience this at all and you may even feel like a plaything of life. Especially at this special time in our history. And as strange as it sounds now. Because the law is so subtle and obvious at the same time.

I don't just teach you a handy trick. Because there is none.

In this weekend retreat we will work together intensively and you will go home with a different mindset and you will increasingly experience that the law always works.

This retreat is only given in Dutch! In 2022 I also will offer it in English.