Singing Bowl Concert

Completely into the

Discover the relaxing effect
singing bowls.
A gift for body & soul

A singing bowl experience is complete relaxation.

Enjoy the singing bowls and their penetrating and wonderful resonance

Singingbowl Experience 12.jpeg

You just have to relax and let the beautiful healing sounds do their work.

A singing bowl concert is especially very relaxed.
While you are relaxing, we let the beautiful healing sounds do their work.
The tones penetrate deep into your whole being.

The vibration completely relaxes you.
Blockages, both physical and emotional, can be touched and removed.

In addition to the singing bowls, we also use other instruments such as:

rainsticks, gongs, wind chimes and

Shaman drum

which all have their own timbre.

Relaxation and tranquility
A blessing for body and soul.