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Touch of Matrix

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.
Albert Einstein

I'm aware
I accept
I embrace in love
I let go in gratitude
I receive with open arms

With Touch of Matrix we make contact with your True Self.

All your experiences are stored in your subconscious and these determine how you feel now; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Without digging deep and reliving the experiences that may have been less pleasant, but that are all determining for how you now feel and move through life, we can clear blockages.

Simple and effective.

Everything touches everything



Josca van Hooijdonk

You don't believe it?

No problem, you don't have to believe it. All you have to do is open up and let it happen.

When your mind is sidelined,

you will be surprised at what your system can do!

Touch of Matrix uses

the science of Quantum Physics,

which states that everything is

light and information

and that everything and

everyone is connected.


Touch of Matrix invites you to let go of pain complaints, traumatic experiences and other old pain - which may or may not arise during your childhood.

Touch of Matrix is - simply put - becoming aware of your complaint, removing the old information, clearly forming what you would like, connecting to the information that is needed and then letting go.


Then the process will finds its own way. Very quickly.

Buddha said: have beautiful thoughts because you become what you think.

And this applies even more to talking.

The Russian Garjajev has even learned scientifically that talking changes your DNA.


Talk positively and do what you want,

you create, really!

What is Touch of Matrix?

I would like to explain the method using a metaphor.

Suppose we use the computer as a metaphor for humans and all the events you experience as programs. These programs are stored on your hard disk.

Do you know the phrase that is often used after a violent event: "I gave it a place"
Exactly; a place on your hard disk. That is, if the computer is still fairly young, no problem, but over time that hard disk will become quite full.

And as it gets fuller and fuller, your computer starts to function less and less well, you slow down, the connection to the internet is disrupted and everything crashes regularly. You literally become full, you become irritated and all kinds of complaints can arise.

It's time to clean up the hard disk. And that is possible with Touch of Matrix.


But even if you do not experience a full hard disk, there may be programs (events) that are disturbing you.

For example, if you have not felt like Christmas for years because your mother died on that day years ago, your hard disk does not have to be full, but that one program will hinder you year after year.

It still runs in the background, as it were.


The Touch of Matrix method enables us to get this program from your hard disk. The memory will be the same, but the program of making you feel sad, no longer runs in the background.

And the nice and special thing is that we do not have to look for the cause, do not have to relive, transform or process anything. In a very short time, the blocks or old themes can easily be removed from your hard disk.

This brings you back into balance, physically, emotionally and mentally. And without the burden of the annoying old programs you are thus more in touch with your True I, with who you really are. You have come home to yourself.

This will enable you to discover your unique talent, live it and become a happier person.

How would that be?

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