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Villa de la Tierra the Casita


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Take control of your happiness and discover a new balance during your stay at Villa de la Tierra

Personal Retreats, Group Retreats,
Reiki Therapy, Touch of Matrix, Frequency Therapy,
Soundbowl meditation, Aroma Therapy, AromaTouch Massage,

Come closer to YourSelf
in a sunny environment in a beautiful place near Valencia


Nice to meet you!

We are Marco and Franc


We wish you a warm welcome to Villa de La Tierra, a place where you will find peace in yourself, can recharge, gain inspiration and grow.

Working on yourself away from home under the Spanish sun, which is wonderful for mind and body even in the winter months.


We offer individual/personal retreats, group retreats and individual therapy sessions.


​The law of attraction is central to our lives and we are happy to share our knowledge about it with you so that you too can reap the benefits.


 We offer beautiful activities and treatments to meet yourself, reflect on your life and heal yourself. We use techniques (e.g. Touch or Matrix) that help you to remove obstacles and go home as a lighter and happier person.


Our retreats help you take a big step in consciously manifesting the life you dream of. The retreats are packed with inspiring tools to put yourself on the path of conscious creation. You will experience an enormous growth in yourself and become stronger and happier in life. Your life will get into a flow and go easier.

We give you plenty of inspiration and tools to keep your frequency high, even after your stay.


 A retreat at Villa de la Tierra is an experience you will never forget.


Our Villa offers beautiful views, to help process your new insights while staring.

Here you can enjoy a quiet walk in nature and there are plenty of places on our property to meditate, meet, retreat or relax.


Villa de la Tierra hosts therapist

Are you coming to experience?

How nice is it to be able to stare into the distance and daydream your most beautiful life?

How nice it is to be close to nature?

How nice is it to work on yourself in this special place?

How a retreat can change your life?

How to manifest your most beautiful life?


Our core values; Attention, connection, fun and inspiration are in our DNA and you will find it in everything.


Give yourself the most beautiful life and book a retreat. Your gratitude will be great.

Personal Retreat

Let us guide and inspire you


Use our tools to make a shift to a happier en fulfilled live

Villa de la Tierra rooms

We have 3 stylish bedrooms with amazing views

Spring, summer, autumn, winter.

Every time of the year you will

feel great to be here.

Villa de la Tierra groupsretreat

3 days full off interesting gifts & tools from us to you to improve your wellbeing and take control of your life

Villa de la Tierra

The Villa

A stay at Villa de la Tierra is above all very relaxing. Located in the mountains, 25 car minutes from Valencia, Villa de la Tierra is a place to reset & restore. With comfortable double rooms, beautiful gardens & workshop areas it offers everything you'll need.

What guests say about their stay at Villa de la Tierra

4 amazing days flew by. We enjoyed the many special moments, intimate conversations, good food, the morning yoga sessions and sleeping in (because the beds are just too good). Thank you for everything!

The deep conversations, the sessions, the peace, the animals, the rooms & the environment, we really enjoyed it. We are already looking forward to our next stay at the villa!

Ronald & Dian

Jaap & Moniek

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